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Girl seems to be wearing a trench coat and alot of muddy makeup, snapping her 3/5 inch heals down the hallway of the hospital stay in rooms. Her partner blocks a fire exit for about 3 minutes while typing on the computer. The team then stairs in a daze as one man needs to puke from so much oxicotton. Then some other of her partners trip thier feet and bump into thigs when they walk.
Little tootsie foot: "I know there was a lot of horse shit on the streets rotting everyone's inside out backin the day and your body needs repair now Daddy, whoa was that a DOCTOR OR HOOKER in that swampy looking trench coat thing?"

Daddy, "I hate that nurse."

Little tootsie foot, I sure have to stair everyone down here incase there would be a fire, and what the hell are they kissing over there or is that her uturus sticking out like a pony? DOCTOR OR HOOKER? "
by thenonqueefedgazelle January 28, 2010

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