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A quiet but often loud and humorous girl. Usually French, or with French roots. Loyal and funny, but oftentimes she'll say something she later regrets. A high guilt factor as well. A Sabrine will love to read and write, but questions her abilities. Beautiful, but she doesn't dwell on it and doesn't have high self-esteem when it comes to physical appearance. She's the friend that you can always depend on, that never chooses sides and defends her friends. Extremely smart, but with a dirty mind as well that makes people laugh. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and she'll dis any person with the vocabulary of a sailor if she's offended - especially when boys make sexual comments. Sabrines don't make friends easily, nor do they give away their trust, but she's always kind, willing to help, and generous. Teachers adore her, and for this she's granted the untrue 'teacher's pet' stereotype. Sabrines 'fangirl' over hot celebrities, especially British ones (she'll totally fall for accents), but when it comes to completely giving her heart away: you better be as perfect as a literary character, because's she's had too much pain in her life to be hurt once again. Unusually open to change, embracing it quickly. A Sabrine can't hold a grudge for long. Can start a successful business at the age of 10. Doesn't really have a best friend, because she has yet to find one.
"Out of all your friends, who do you trust the most?"

"The Sabrine, of course."

"Makes sense."
by thenightsilver August 03, 2012

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