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A state of activity usually rerserved for use in the presence of a manager or boss. The activity mimics productiveness without actually serving a purpose. Usually instituted by lazy co-workers who want to avoid being singled out for new assignments.
Dept. Manager: Bob, could you summarize this file for thursday's meeting?
Bob: (carrying a worthless stack of documents) Oh, I wish I could but I'm still working on this right now. Maybe you could ask Mary to do it?
Dept Manager: Ok , I wonder where she is.

2. (Mary rushes by artificially busy. She is headed for the break room)
Dept. Manager: Mary, I was just...
Mary: Um, Dave I'll be right with you, I just need to take care of one thing... (walks away in a haze of false productiveness)
Dept. Manager: Wow, these guys are so busy...what a great team! I guess I could do this summary myself...
by thenadie1 October 09, 2005

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