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The act of giving a BJ after the guy has dipped his dick into bleach. This sexual act is also great for teeth whitening!
Alice just gave him a blea-j. Her teeth are as white as cum!
by themuskrat May 23, 2008

In a fighting video game such as Super Smash Brothers, to ledge faggot is to stand guard at the edge of the level and block your opponent from getting back on the platform after being thrown off.

These repetitive moves are tactically simple and often called "cheap".
Z: I just threw your ass!
Kyle: I'm coming back.
Z: Not if I have anything to say about it!
Kyle: You did your stupid punch right as I was trying to get back on the edge. Why do you always have to ledge faggot me?
by themuskrat April 13, 2009
By far the best place to live off campus at Drake University. It is also known as the Global Citizenship House, Theme House, Eco-House, or former Eco-House. The GS House can be identified by the short flag pole next to the front steps and on some nights, a red or blue light illuminating the front door.
I wish I could live in the GS House. It is so close to campus and very nice inside!
by themuskrat September 24, 2009

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