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4 definitions by themroxfordbobby

The sickness that accompanies heavy consumption of alcohol, usually, but not necessarily vodka, and that as a result causes a person to call out of work for a sick day.

The word has its origins with office workers looking to avoid being fired for not showing up at the office. Often, office workers have a limited number of vacation days and after a heavy night of binge drinking must take a sick day or risk losing their job. If required to specify a reason for their absence, the common response was to say they had the flu.
Julia drank heavily most nights and in the morning she was so hungover she had to call out sick because the vodka flu was keeping her bedridden.
by themroxfordbobby January 07, 2005
30 2
(1) An alcoholic
(2) To become intoxicated, usually on box wine
When my girlfriend dumped me, I went Hemmingway for three days straigt
by themroxfordbobby January 07, 2004
39 22
(1) A cigarette
Todd liked to puff on a snargar with his coffee.
by themroxfordbobby January 12, 2004
8 1
Spanish speaking immigrants with an indeterminate country of origin, impoverished, and not used to the customs of the country they are living in.
My neighbors are not from Mexico, but they only speak Spanish and live three families to an apartment so they must be a Mexispic.
by themroxfordbobby January 07, 2005
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