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The act of getting a blowjob while taking a shit while eating a Bloomin' Onion from the Outback Steakhouse. Those three small successes equal the major one known as the 'Bloomin Blumpkin'. This is the pinnacle of achievement one can possibly attain during a lifetime. Nobel Prize winners hope to one day receive a Bloomin Blumpkin.
Sean: "You know Claire from LOST?"

Justin: "The Australian one, yeah shes pretty cute"

Sean: "I'd let her serve me a bloomin blumpkin!"

Justin: "If only! I could die a happy man after that"
by themanswh March 04, 2010
After struggling with many unsatisfying bouts of ass blasting on the toilet, you finally take that knockout poop that ends your suffering. Known to cause euphoria and minor hallucinations. There exist rumors of some finding nirvana after taking the poo de grace.
Nate: I definitely shouldn't have eaten Hardees last night...I can't stop going!

Sean: Yeah, I went three times before I squeezed out the Poo de Grâce. I feel ten pounds lighter and gained a spring in my step! I feel light as air!

Nate: Shut up. Oh, here it goes again!
by themanswh February 24, 2011

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