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when you are about to ejaculate whip your dick out of her ass and stick a dildo in then yell Nick Zucco.
I was slamming this chick anal then I gave her a Nick Zucco.
by themaninthevan April 11, 2009
fake Prada merchandise.
I saved $300 buying this Frada instead of the real shit.
by themaninthevan April 24, 2009
fake Coach merchandise
I cant believe I paid full price for that Foach shit.
by themaninthevan April 24, 2009
a website related to youtube that plays funny movies about jews
i was on jewtube last night. that shit is hilarious!
by themaninthevan April 30, 2009
fake Gucci merchandise
Some guy on the side of the road tried selling me some knock-off Gucci. The stuff he had was Fucci!
by themaninthevan April 24, 2009

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