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A being of higher magnitude of possible human understanding, and is believed to be the cause of wars, which is untrue. Wars start because people's warped view on god feeds their own selfish desires, and use God as a scapegoat for the pain they inflicted on others, and yet, athiests call theists fools for believing in a force that created the universe by design, and instead believe that the universe just happened, the earth just happened to sustain life, the first life on earth just happened to get the necessary chemical to actually live, said life form just happened to evolve into the first land walking creature, the creature just happened to evolve into a mammel, which in turn, just happened to evolve into humans
Which seems more likely, God? Or chance?
by Themaninthemask August 10, 2015
a cross between perhaps and happens. Means what might be.
It just so perhappens that when we get back Family Guy will be on.
by themaninthemask February 26, 2009

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