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1 Watch anyone of the incredible lord of the rings trilogy.
2 Invite friends/geeks/alcoholics
3 Add favourite shots
4 Everytime anyone says "THE RING" a shot must be taken by all
Rules The last man/woman/geek/alcoholic/friend/hobbit left standing (or Sitting) wins causing much gayity and rejoicing
by thelostlibertine April 02, 2005
Used when something is wonky or if someone does something crap
That shot was wafty
The table is wafty
by thelostlibertine April 01, 2005
Gr8 Father Ted phrase by father Jack
Shout out (best with two)"Fek" "Shite" "Arse" "Furniture Polish" "I Love my Brick" great for breaking the awkward silence often found in libraries
by thelostlibertine April 02, 2005
Usually a male student. Someone who intentionally craps away from the shitter leaving special presents in the sinks/under bog hinges/up doors for anyone who walks through the ddor
Hark! The Phantom Shitter has struck again.
by thelostlibertine March 31, 2005
A girl who seems to have lost the ability to find a razor, leaving her legs covered in the attractive german leg syndrome
That girl has carpet legs that you could run a lawnmower over
by thelostlibertine April 02, 2005
NOUN Presenter on the really wild show. Grew up in the shadow of his more famous brother squirrel Nutkin
"Hello strange balding middle age squirrel sibling Terry Nutkin. You randy devil."
by thelostlibertine March 31, 2005
Cocktail containing orange, pepsi and for those like me who prefer to punish your liver add a sjitload of vodka as well sounds wrong tastes good
I want to get very crunk please make me a muddy puddle
by thelostlibertine April 01, 2005
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