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Auro comes from "aurum" - the Latin word for gold. Auro is the golden guy. He is the successful one, number one at school, the one that all girls dream about. Auro is the ace who puts his golden medals in rows on the wall, the guy whose teeth glitter when he smiles. As if it wasn't enough, beneath all the gold there is a heart of pure diamond, and behind his muscular exterior there is an excellent brain shining like the sun.
"What's the matter with you Linda, suddenly you are all quiet?"

"Psss, don't turn around, Auro is over there. Oh God, I wish I had my sunglasses with me so that I could look directly at him without getting blind..."
by thelittlebigone April 22, 2011
Makfire is the forgiving one, the caring, reliable friend, the girl you would like to spend your life with, since you know that she will never leave you in the lurch. Makfire is also passionate and hot. She can however turn into a McFire with a big gun, chasing you all around the garden if you hurt her feelings.
"Wow man, who's that hot babe over there?"
"Who, the passionate, forgiving one with the big gun? That is Makfire!"
by thelittlebigone April 22, 2011
Albanian word for balls.
What, bole? Well that's balls in Albanian.
by thelittlebigone April 22, 2011

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