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Someone who is so stupid beyond belief that you actually can't begin to fathom it. They have smoked and drunk themselves retarded, and have not gone to school since the 3rd grade. A Tyler will spend all hours of the day playing dumb violent video games, and only stop and think about the contents of their bellybutton or how big that girls tits are. Anyone that spells the word "really" wrong or thinks Geography is the study of blowing up Arabs, they are probably a Tyler.
"Ey gurl yew so buittefull yu make my hart beet blud." "Dude you're such a Tyler Ritter."

"Ah man, how do you spell 'cat'?" "T-Y-L-E-R R-I-T-T-E-R"

"What comes number comes after 3? Is it AK-47?" "Get your brain checked, you may be a Tyler Ritter."
by thelaughingbuddha June 03, 2013

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