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A granny slap happens when a grandmother approaches you and pinches your cheeks so hard that the skin literally slaps against your face when released. It is usually accompanied by much cooing and statements that include but are not limited to: "Oh, you've grown so tall," or, "You're my little sugar bunny!"
John: Did you see that mark on Jack's cheek?
Jill: Yeah, he totally got granny slapped yesterday. His sister told me all about how his skin snapped into place.
#granny #slap #cheek #pinch #grandmother
by thelastcard June 05, 2011
Anyone who invades your personal space online, a.k.a. an electronic crasher. Often found on social networking or chat sites such as Facebook, MySpace, MSN, iChat, etc.
Min: omg, did u see how kim lyke totally crashed our fb convo ysterday?
Rin: yeah, she's such a dark e-vader.

Sara: He's such a e-vader; whenever I get online he tries to chat with me. It's bursting my bubble.
Mara: I know how you feel, S. The e-vaders can be annoying sometimes.
#personal space #burst your bubble #online #chatting #invader #darth vader
by thelastcard May 17, 2011
When a writer goes into an extreme state of concentration, and is so deeply absorbed that they are oblivious to their surroundings.
On the last day of NaNoWriMo, Ellen went into a a massive writing coma in order to finish up her novel.
#writing #coma #obsessed #crazy #concentration
by thelastcard November 29, 2010
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