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a very hilarious girl, but when shes mad she can be a bitch but is usually nice and sweet most of the time. amazing dancer. she loves to rap and usually has a stalker that watches her walk to school and walk home. she gotta bangin bod' and wears push up bras everyday! she wont go to school without one.
did you see kylie dance? that booty shakinnnnn!
by thekittygang April 15, 2011
a very weird girl she can be fucking annoying but she can be funny. most lillys have the ability to queef, no lillys have boobs theyre all flat, usually no ass, and has curly hair and curly pubes. but most lillys are great dancers....in bed.
omg u know that lilly?! she totally queefed in my mouth. GROSS
by thekittygang April 15, 2011

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