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The one thing mankind has feared for eternity
The one thing that has happened before, only to be covered up by our government
Grab a shotgun, machete, backpack, and family
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
The Center for Disease Control has issued an emergency evacuation for the town of -LINCOLN, NEBRASKA- Due to an unknown virus. Between the hours of 06:00 to 20:00 emergency vehicular transports shall be issued to evacuate the residents of -LINCOLN, NEBRASKA- We warn any readers: DO NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH THE INFECTED FOR ANY REASON. Each infected individual so far has apparently ceased living, only to return to life with a berserk-like attitude. No additional information has been given to us about this "Zombie Apocalypse." However, we do possess the knowledge that these creatures are extremely deadly. DO NOT attempt to run away. In the meantime, residents of -LINCOLN, NEBRASKA- should barricade themselves in their homes and wait for official instructions. Once infected, any persons bitten or somehow induced to succumb to the virus are to be considered EXTREMELY DEADLY and should be killed or quarantined AT ONCE. We have received word that the best way to "kill" the undead is to destroy the head or remove it completely. However, NOBODY should attempt to rebel against the creatures unless in an EMERGENCY SITUATION. Once dead, the bodies are to be burned to ensure that the virus is stopped from spreading to other cities or even states. This is a warning from the CDC.
by thekid9100 November 06, 2010

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