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2 definitions by thekhornylady

they rock , craigery owens is the tightass screeamer
&theyre songs are named after weird things, inside jokes& other cool stuff. their song "baby you wouldn't last.."
is GREAT. awwhhgawd! (:
i saw chiodos in concert, &craig's scream was cleean& louudd!
by thekhornylady March 23, 2008
61 38
the christian screamo band, that talks about jesus & not suicide and killing stupid crap. that encourage people to keep loving & living, spencer chamberlain is the awsome screeamer and aaron does the rest of the vocals& plays drummss.
gawwwd& i love every efin thing about this banddd,
underoath has great music
by thekhornylady March 23, 2008
34 33