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2 definitions by thejuice

When a person, usually your spouse or in-law, tries to pin you down to a certain time even though they know certain aspects are out of your control and they are pretty aware you will be not arriving when they want you to.

After the question is posed in several ways, the offender usually succumbs and blurts out a time they know will make the spouse happy but is totally implausible, thus hanging themselves based on the time they were coerced into stating.
Wife: So what time will you be home tonight?
Husband: I am not sure because of this 5pm meeting today and the usual traffic.
Wife: Usually you are home at 5:45, so maybe you will be here like 5:50?
Husband: When I get home at 5:45 I do not have 5pm meetings on those days so it is hard to say
Wife: How long is your meeting?
Husband: I'm not running it so I am not sure
Wife: Traffic shouldn't be too bad since it's friday so you can probably get here by 6pm I would think, don't you?
Husband: yeah sure 6pm

The husband was effectively put in a clock-noose
by Thejuice April 09, 2013
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What you have when you are always macking. (Closely associated with rooster game in this instance.) Or when girls of all ages hit on you without, with no prompting of your own.
When random chick from another country come up and surround you to get their picture taken with you for no apparent reason,when a 14 year old can't wait to turn 18,
When you think you can get any chick you want, single or not...you have "The Juice."
Can't stop the Juice.
by thejuice August 10, 2005
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