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The debilitating condition suffered for approximately 1 to 3 business days after a wild weekend in Las Vegas, New York City, or another recognized center of partying and nightlife.
I called in sick to work because I spent the weekend in Vegas and I came down with a case of Sinfluenza.
by thejdog2007 May 14, 2009
Someone who specializes in evaluating the fragrance and aroma of other people's farts.
James is a fart critic - he always smells other people's farts and then insists on offering his opinion about them.
by thejdog2007 May 20, 2009
A person who makes their living by participating in as many focus groups as possible.
Jennifer is a Focus-Groupie - all she does is participate in focus groups for a living.
by thejdog2007 May 20, 2009

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