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The third film in the matrix series; lacks the awesomeness of the kung fu in the other films except a bit at the end. Has too much cgi, and Keanu Reeves plays Neo like an idiot as usual.
Wow, I just saw the matrix revolutions!

Was it any good?!!



Well, you know the first one was good.


And the second was pretty good but not better.

YES!!! I KNOW!!!

OH shitting hell! They fucked up!!! This film is the worst of the three. Imagine one big lamefest shoved into a two hour film, involving a briefly cool fight scene at the end, but nothing else good at all!

by thejamdude January 05, 2006
Someone who will leech off of you, until they have consumed all your resources and friends, before they move on to someone else etc.

AKA, a computer virus.
My girlfriend spent all my money and made me lose my mates, and now she's fucking that guy from burger king.
by thejamdude September 25, 2005

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