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Psilocybe tyrannus, or commonly referred to as turtle shells, is a fairly new discovered psychadelic drug that dramatically increases a person's uptake of dopamine when consumed. Not only that, but it also contains high amounts of dopamine. The drug is actually a rare fungus that has nothing to do with a turtle. The fungus comes from several island countries such as Madagascar and the phillipines, and needs to be grown in intense sunglight. Even after it is full grown, the dealer must heat the fungus at high temperatures to make it produce pyschadelic effects. The result of this makes it almost leathery, and people say it looks like a turtle shell hence the name. Other street names include the tyrant, sithlord, dooku, and darth turtle. The trips of this drug have been compared to that of acid and ectasy but even stronger. Although there is no physical addiction to this drug, long term effects can be devastating to one's brain cell count and create a future of mental illness.
Yo TJ wanna pick up an ounce of turtle shells and play with my easy bake oven?
by theinformer69 August 11, 2006

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