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Taking a final, raping it really f**king hard, and finishing inside it in under 20 minutes not even letting the final enjoy the struggle.
Patrick walks into the classroom.
grabs the final by the staple.
aces that shit.
leaves the final test marked up and motionless on the table.
Nuff Said.

Classmate: "how was the final for you?"
Patrick: "total, final rapage"
Classmate: "It was easy huh?"
Patrick: "Yeah it tried to put up a fight but I was prepared"
Classmate: "Yeah i heard it squeeaall like a pig- SQUEEE"
by theindianwholikesmexicanfood March 18, 2010
Fritos baked then served with spicy Chili on top. Usually enjoyed in Mexicans communities and often served at food vans with the hot chili poured directly into a "single serving" fritos bag. Shredded cheese can also be sprinkled top.
Prefix "Minority" comes from its relative cheapness, salty-spicy-crunchy flavor and its frequency around minority communities.
Suffix Cereal comes from its appearance and how its served.
Danny: Damn this tastes so good, try some it tastes hella clean.
Patrick: It's kinda like cereal... for minorities.
Danny: yeah holmes, its minority cereal!
Patrick: You're such a mexican Danny.
Danny: LOL I know!
by theindianwholikesmexicanfood March 06, 2010

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