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2 definitions by thehateman

1. A financial sweat shop

2. A company living on it's past reputation that has now become a McJob factory

3. A corporate fat farm full of imbeciles

4. 1970's investment technology
Hey man, don't go to work there, the pay is garbage and you'll work 80 hour weeks, it's so tiaa-cref!

That company is so full of shit man, like tiaa-cref fake!

She gained 75 pounds eating all that mayonnaise but she joined a tiaa-cref outfit so she'll fit right in.

They still use DOS to manage their mutual funds, it's so tiaa-cref!
by thehateman November 01, 2009
Usually done in prison with a sharp object, to kill someone by puncturing them with many holes.
Airhole: Tommy went into protective custody in prison after he snitched, he would've gotten airholed in gen pop within five minutes otherwise.
by thehateman October 31, 2009