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A newly developed tennis maneuver used by the professional player Flying Pelican. As a rising star in the country Djibuti he developed this complicated move as a mere child. It involves incredible amounts of top spin with pin point accuracy.
Foe: how are you going to beat me ur just a mere child.
Me: my pelicanslice will defeat you.
by theguywhomyouarenotconcernedto April 01, 2009
The special energy ball used in the dragon ball z series by the protagonist Goku. It is a fairly effective maneuver.
Picolo: hey get out of way kid.
Picolo: I will kill you.
Goku: thats only if u can get past my HAMEHAMEHAH!!!
by theguywhomyouarenotconcernedto April 01, 2009

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