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This can be used when something bad happens, or something a drunken chick may say to get you to have sex with them.
When I found out the party was cancelled I yelled Plow My Pussy! right in the middle of the mall foodcourt.
by thegreenbastard January 10, 2009
To tell a story to your friends but add all the insults and swear words you would have actually used in the situation if you had any balls.
Guy 1: Ya I told the principal to go fuck himself.

Guy 2: No you didn't...

Guy 1: Well ok I used The Dougall Method a bit I guess.
by thegreenbastard January 11, 2009
A situation or item so disgusting or fucked up it will make your balls retract into your body in horror.
I hooked up with your mom last weekend, you really gotta tell her to trim her pubes though, that shit was balls nasty.
by thegreenbastard January 10, 2009

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