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popular vaudville comedian, famous for his trial in which he was accused of raping an actress with a beer bottle and crushing her to death with his weight. during the trial it became apparent he didnt do anything like that, and today it is almost universally agreed that it was just hearsay and untrue. while popular for his silent films earlier, he was hated due to the rumor after the trial, and fell into drinking. he had a few roles and movies after the trial and tumble, but was found dead soon after. it is a sad, sad story, and Fatty's legacy is often overshadowed by his name, trial, and other comedians of the day, such as Groucho Marx.
Fatty was a good man! a very good man!
by thegreatmonkey54 June 28, 2005
popular singer, famous for her big nose. vain and egotistical. when Matt Stone and Trey Parker poked fun at her on South Park, every dumbass out there took this as their oppurtunity to pretend they've always hated her (or knew who she was). dont believe me? read the other definitions.
It was a good episode though.
by thegreatmonkey54 July 01, 2005
the time of day when you really know you stayed up too long.
person 1: oh shit... i stayed up till 3 am doing my term paper.
hot female: fuck off
Person 2: i stayed up till 4 am doing my paper.
hot female: slacker! marry me!
by thegreatmonkey54 June 28, 2005
parents of prostitots. coined by some guy at Entertainment Weekly.
look at that parimp! what a terrible parent. i'll bet she's been on Jerry Springer 3, maybe 4 times!
by thegreatmonkey54 June 28, 2005

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