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Their name is very unusual, but extremely unique. Paden's are usually very shy, but sweet. They are naturally good natured, and are very kind. They are drawn to kindness, and they don't judge. They have beautiful eyes, with a sparkling smile to match. They are easy to talk to, and they will be by your side when you need them. Not only are they the person of your dreams, they are so attractive, and have a cute smitten way to them. They don't talk about themselves non-stop, and their great listeners. If you known a Paden, consider your self lucky. Great people are hard to come by, and a Paden is the one for you.
Hey you know that Paden kid?
Yeah hes so nice!
Thats because he's a Paden
by thegirlnextdoor12345 September 10, 2012

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