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works better then "Shut up."

Danielle: *singing loudly*
Julie: Can you please shut up?
Danielle: *keeps singing*
Julie: Shut up.
Danielle: *keeps singing*
Julie: I'm serious, this is really embarrassing.
Danielle: *keeps singing even louder*
Danielle: *shuts the fuck up* :O
by thegirl123 April 07, 2009
Common name, usually the Zach is really really really really really hot.
Popular, jock, hot, nice body, tall, gorgeousss.
But is an ass whole.
People on like Zach's for there looks.
Person- who is that really cute guy of there?
Person2- oh that's zach
person- he's FIIIIIINE.
Person2- yeah i know, but stay away he's an ass.
by thegirl123 March 28, 2009

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