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2 definitions by thegingerfurby

A sexual position where a female clings upside down to a male's front and sucks his genitalia (or a blowjob ) whilst he runs on the spot. If said female chokes or is sick, this is known as a Paula Radcliffe.
Cat: want to try some sick new sex moves tonight?
Matt: sure, like what?
Cat: the half marathon?
Matt: sounds like fun!
by thegingerfurby June 13, 2011
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Where a female chokes or vomits whilst perfoming oral sex in the Half Marathon position. Named after the celebrity runner who vomitted during a race.
Jon: Aw man! There's vomit on my genitalia now!
Amy: Sorry, I must've done a Paula Radcliffe!!
by thegingerfurby June 13, 2011
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