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Noun - The frontal portion of armpit hair resembling weeds in the sidewalk which remain visible even when the owners arms are at his or her side and found on persons who don't groom themselves properly... truly disgusting.
Geez bro, mix in some man-scaping! You better bust out the weed whacker and trim those nasty "pit weeds" cuz face it... you ain't gettin' no play at the pool party runnin' that shit out there!
by Theghost43 October 03, 2014
(Verb) The highly frustrating occurrence when someone asks you to repeat yourself as if they didn't hear your words properly, only to have them interrupt you as they respond to what you just said indicating they heard you correctly the first time. It makes you wonder why they asked you to repeat yourself in the first place and can be described as being forced to stutter voluntarily... but who the hell wants to do that?
"Would you please stop STUTTER-FUCKIN' me! That's the tenth time in the last 5 minutes you've asked me to repeat myself only to have you verbally stomp me as I tell you what you obviously already heard!"
by Theghost43 October 03, 2014
A secretly gay or "curious" male who fixes his eyes upon other men's junk; a gay man
Hey dude... why does it seem like you're always checkin' out other dudes junk? You were totally scoping our servers package you meat gazer!
by Theghost43 February 10, 2015
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