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A word used to indicate someone with a pointy, large, or otherwise deformed nose. Often used in a deflamatory way, beetlenose stems from the latin words beetlus, meaning crippled, and nose, meaning eye.
That waiter is beetlenose
by thegerrid July 31, 2004
An expression uttered on departure. Synonym for "goodbye". An elision of the common phrase "catch you later".
Derived from a popular, fat, Eastenders character. Neo-cockney rhyming slang originating from South East London, the most gangstar of areas. Often used by thegerrid. Alternative spelling: "cats later"
"i gotta go, i'm touching cloth baby!"
"cat slater"
by thegerrid February 27, 2005
The original originator of everything on ukchatforums.com, froots has become legend on all internet forums. He is mysteriously absent these days, although there are some who claim to be him. The word was introduced by 'Misfired_Skoda', and introduced to the infamous 'froots' by a certain 'thegerrid'. RIP froots
I heard that a friend of a friend of a guy who was there when froots touched Merm on his 5yearold be-hind died last week
by thegerrid August 02, 2004
A place truly blessed with the presence of some great, great people. Also where the legend of Fina was born, and where it grew to infamousy.
yo biatch set we place ouw' asses down on tha' ukchatforums.com fo' a blaze of 2-draw
by thegerrid August 02, 2004
Originally contracted from the word 'ways', by 'Craig', and put up on several walls in South London using the oft-maligned griffito-tagging method, waze is a very popular expression agreement.
'Dude, you wanna smoke a 2-draw?'

by thegerrid August 02, 2004
Originally a character from Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast (RIP), Fina grew to legendary status among the chosen few on ukchatforums.com, when one fabled night, a certain Whitestripes declared "Oh, my sister Fina might use this account sometimes" on MSN to thegerrid and others. After several months of people talking to 'Fina', thegerrid found himself talking to both Whitestripes and Fina, apparently they were sharing a computer. It then transpired that WS would attempt to convince thegerrid that he and his 'sister' Fina regularly had sex and that she was undressing in the bathroom right now ready 'for a spanking'. Obviously, a shocked thegerrid saved the conversation, and sent it to a few select people, who then found out that Fina was a figment of WS's imagination, and wholly based on his 'internet girlfriend' who was seriously into Sailor Moon.
It's another Fina situation guys.
by thegerrid August 02, 2004

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