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Taking a lot of time doing something by yourself, that could give you the cover to masterbate
We were waiting to go to the club while Drew was getting ready, slow jackin it for an hour.

You better not be slowjackin it while we are gone.

We would have been here earlier, but Andrew was slowjackin it all day.
by thefort June 02, 2007
the act of shooting someone in the forehead. Resulted by combining capping and popping. Originating in Huntington, WV.
Travis was pappin cats in Rainbow Six.
by thefort June 02, 2007
The situation that causes excitment but later turns into disapointment
Ashley showed me her thong, but later she was giving me a softee when she fell asleep.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion show was great, but the commercials were givin me a softee.
by thefort June 02, 2007
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