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similar in nature to metrosexual; the attachment and association of sexual attributes to a piece of computer/electronic hardware
if your friend said "oh my god, this new program highlighting script i wrote is so orgasmic" you might reply "okay dude, too much info...that was so computerotic"
by thefish February 02, 2004
When you twerk your balls.
"Just look at that guy swouak!"
by Thefish August 13, 2015
The act of performing vaginal sex after anal sex, which caused the penis to be covered in fecal matter. Similar to the Golden Plough.
Dude, I was Butt fucking my girl last night when she asked me to stick it her pussy instead. I pulled it out and saw it was covered in crap but stuck it in anyway, totally gave her the muddy plough.
by TheFish July 20, 2012
The act of urinating inside a woman during sexual intercourse
Dude, I was having sex with my girl last night but I was dieing for a piss so I totally let rip and gave her the golden plough
by TheFish June 29, 2012

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