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4 definitions by thefellow3j

Something you get after someone sets you up the bomb. It's probably going to be CATS telling you that all your base are belong to them. You'll need to turn on main screen to get it.
We get signal.
by thefellow3j April 05, 2011
11 2
A can of whup-ass with a voice, a jetpack and a laser gun.
Mr. Zurkon's laser roundhouse kicks enemies.
by thefellow3j July 27, 2011
4 0
A place where IT BURNS.
Ganon: No! Not the pit! IT BURRRNNNNS!
by thefellow3j September 26, 2011
6 3
Indication that contents of a capsule contain enough posion gas to kill people, vegetation, weeds, and just about anything else breathing air in a colony.

Might be a synonym for "DANGER."
by thefellow3j November 28, 2011
3 1