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A medical condition in which a person always wins Duh!
-I'm not bi-polar, I'm BI-WINNING! I win here I win there.

wah wah wah (crying in a corner) It's all my mom's fault

-Shut up. SHUT UP! Stop move forward
by theeurbandictionary March 13, 2011
When a person takes a dump around the rim of a toilet and puts the seat back down on the shit.
R: What Happened at the club last night?

K: I sat on a toilet and shit squeezed out of the side getting all over my clothes.

R: dude you sat on a downtown brown
by theeurbandictionary February 25, 2011
After jizzing in a girl, the guy aggressively whips his dick around in the jizz and then pulls it out to make a whipped cream pie.
The whipped cream pie i gave her was so thick and creamy.
by theeurbandictionary June 08, 2010

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