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Fantastic hair, hair that goes above and beyond extraordinary, royal hair.
Jimi: Man, Ed Harris has such a beautiful shock of red hair.
Mike: Dude, I thought he was bald?
Jimi: No, he's just acting like he's bald, his hair is actually quite hairly.
by theedingo November 08, 2010
A female that ,no matter how much you try to get rid of her, you end up sleeping with her again and again.
Jim:I banged my ex-girlfriend again last night.

Mike: Man, that's like the 10th time you've retapped that, that girl is a poon-a-rang.
by theedingo November 08, 2010
A sweater with a checkered pattern on the chest, and a solid color on the arms. Usually worn by douchebags or ponces.
Matt: What the hell is Jason wearing.

Jim: That my friend is a swest.

Matt: What a ponce...
by theedingo November 10, 2010

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