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13 definitions by theeclique

An awesome band that lexi and bob love more then ever. Vagrant Records Ownz.
Bob: I like alkaline trio and I'm an emo kid =(

Lexi: oh shut up and go cry adn write some poetry

Bob: k :'(
by theeclique November 15, 2003
32 35
A little rodent that runs around and craps everywhere. Chased by cats. Like rats, only smaller, and not as ugly.
Callie chased the mouse so she could feed it to her cat. The rest of thee clique watched in boredom
by theeclique September 14, 2003
18 21
Any word starting with a D, such as dawg, dog, deal, doubt, dipshit, dick, all that good stuff
Yo Kali, what up my dizzle?
by theeclique September 14, 2003
43 49
the poor left out number in the chain or #11's that actually mean something =(

It feels left out...
Callie: 811! 811!

Ki: wtf?

Callie: I dunno =(
by theeclique November 15, 2003
10 30
the noise thee clique makes when they are done fornicating

Bob: I concur, that was some great fornification

Anna: I thought so too
by theeclique November 16, 2003
11 43
A term of endearment for all your friends. Good for ANYONE.
Bob: hello lover

Anna: I hate you please die =D

Bob: kthnxbye
by theeclique November 15, 2003
72 105