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a protein shake with organic ingredients such as organic milk, and semen.
"after my workout today, I needed a little pick me up, so I drank some brotein shake.
#fuck #shit #ass #bastard #bitch
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
when a Muslim person gets completely drunk and throws up all over his friends 1200 dollar leather couch filled with people.
yo, yusuf was so mohammered last night. oh and chang was pretty chinkfaced too. what a LAN party that was, cuz.
#chinkfaced #cuntry grammer #broffessional #klandana #car wash
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
1. when two or more bro's confess their inner most darkest secrets to one another

2. a career that ultimately leads to becoming a more supreme bro
1. yeah, bret and I were eating dorito's last night when he told me how he really felt about abortion.

2. yeah, bret's working at the new zumiez in the mall, yo. he's really found his broffession.
#brofessional #brostitute #broner #brotein #broatia
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
1. an tent shaped hat that you can also wear around your neck. like a bandanna.

2. a white bandana
did you see andy's klandanna, its so damn sexy and white-supremest
#klanny #klandatory #ku klax klambchop #dickhead #asshole
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
one who has reach the pinnacle of their broffessional life
man, did you see jbone tonight? he had both a bluetooth and a vajayjay on his face. so broffessional.
#brofession #brostitute #broner #brotein #broatia
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
1. when a person's mouth starts to emulate a vagina and starts spitting out piss poor sentences.
2. when a person starts talking like a pussy.
damn, justin was bein yella bout everythin tonight. first off, he wouldn't jump off the water touwer, then he tol me he had to call his momma to see whas for supper, and then he tell me, his girlfriend ain't let him see "pg-13" movies anymure. he was sure speakin in cuntry grammer.
#cuntry time lemonade #cuntainer #cuntastic #clittle bit #clittle bit more
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
a man who sells his body for money or really good coupons.
Ken: "I heard jake is a brostitute."

John: "yeah, I know, he's got great coupons."
#coupons #cuntry grammer #mohammered #broffessional #brotein
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
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