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1 definition by thee girlfrenn:p

the most amazing guy you will ever meet, crazy funny guy, who can make you smile with just a simple silly look, a guy who can make you feel safe in his arms, &&when you hear his heart beat, everything in the world goes silent& his heart is all you hear, & you wish that heart beats for you, this kris is loving, caring, funny&& beyond anything a boyfriend can be, he is honest, loyal, && so trusting. he will make your day every day, he will become your bestfriend,&&he will be the best bestfriend youll ever have, this guy will keep you thinking..dont let the blue eyes fool ya(; ...but i love my kristopher the way he is&&always will
girl 1: see that guy over there?
girl 2: *smiles* yes
girl 1: who is that?!
girl 2: that right there, is a kristopher♥
by thee girlfrenn:p July 24, 2011