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1 definition by thedutchmen

Collegiate is the nation's oldest currently operating school, founded in 1628 to educate the children of Dutch settlers. Today it is located on the Upper West Side of New York City and is brimming with young, educated boys.

Collegiate is often considered elite because of its rigorous academics; it is not unnormal to see nearly 50% of a graduating class attending an Ivy League school or a college or university of equal calibre. Collegiate also boasts great track, wrestling, and baseball teams.

Collegiate boys are also known to have an upbeat social life, hanging out with girls from nearby Brearley, Chapin, Spence, Nightingale, and other girls' schools. Alcohol is often part of the mix and drugs occasionally surface at wild house parties where kids from many different schools belonging to the "Interschool" (a group of private schools in NYC) community hang out.
The Collegiate school kids are so cool
by thedutchmen October 03, 2005