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6 definitions by thedarkyoshi

A Special Unit in C&C Generals who snipes other units and even snipes the drivers of different land transportation devices.
"AHH ur Jarmen Kell just sniped all my infantry! *sob*"
by Thedarkyoshi August 28, 2007
29 2
It's Mc. Donalds, Burger King, and King Kong mixed together as seen in Red Alert 2.
GI:"We'll Garrison that Mc. Burger Kong over there to protect our selves from those flak troopers."
by thedarkyoshi August 30, 2007
17 2
ATSC is Omaha Nebraska's Westside High School's top Show Choir. Otherwise known as the Amazing Technicolor Show Choir.
ATSC is the best show choir ever!
by thedarkyoshi August 29, 2007
17 5
A character from Fire Emblem that uses a 2 handed sword with one hand! He also has blue hair.
Ike is the character that is replacing Marth in Super Smash bros. Brawl.
by Thedarkyoshi August 28, 2007
74 65
the definition of Manliest:
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is the manliest person alive.
by thedarkyoshi August 31, 2007
10 4
Some guy from the Metal Gear Solid series that sneaks around in boxes and carries many things and has conversations on his high tech phone sometimes at bad times. He also picks up random animals for health.
Solid snake, u there? Snake. Snake? SNAKE!!!!!
by thedarkyoshi August 29, 2007
17 44