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1 definition by thecutiepoet

I validate you (IVY). An internet/text messaging term used to point out another poster's cry for attention (a.k.a., their need to be validated). Usually used in a sarcastic sense:
lowandblue: i've noticed that a lot of people who post on here ask for advice and then act really rude to anyone who tries to help! i've been on the receiving end recently and im surprised at what people have been saying to one another...whats the best way to handle these comments?

getalife: IVY!! crissakes, your just mad because pple were calling you rude. if you didn't give snarky advice then no one would say anything. your not worried about how to "handle" this, your just trying to make a point. get over it, and off your validate me kick.
by thecutiepoet October 20, 2007