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The Phoenix Coyotes are an amatuer hockey team located in Glendale Arizona. The Coyotes pathetic fan support is overshadowed only by their absolutely feeble on ice performance that often makes intelligent hockey fans wonder if they are supposed to be an actual NHL team. The Coyotes also serve as a drain on the league, with their nearly inexistant fan support they contribute virtually nothing to the NHL yet still take a piece of the money respectable franchises work hard to earn. Recently Canadian billionaire offered to put an end to the Coyotes suffering and move the team to Hamilton Ontario. In order to combat this Coyote "fans" held a rally that drew roughly 200 people who basically just stood there. The Winnipeg Jets who became the Phoenix Coyotes in 96 held a similar rally and since Winnipeg is a real hockey town with real hockey fans the rally was attended by roughly 40, 000 people. Simply put, the Coyotes need to stop dragging the NHL down and move to either Winnipeg or Hamilton end of story.
The crap i took this morning has more talent than the Phoenix Coyotes
by thecoyotesareajoke June 05, 2009

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