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2 definitions by thecovert

Publicly tweeting something you meant to DM.
Anthony Weiner admitted today that he "pulled a weiner" and lied about his twitter account being hacked. He meant to DM the picture to "friends." Turns out he was "pulling a weiner."
by TheCovert June 06, 2011
A euphemism for a mysterious disappearance as a result of illicit activities.
Disappear for a few days and need an explanation? "Sweetie, I was just 'hiking the Appalachian Trail!'"

Boss asking for a note on why you were out for a four-hour lunch with his wife? Yep, you guess it - you were out hiking the Appalachian Trail!

See also Sanford, soon-to-be-former Governor of SC.
by thecovert June 24, 2009