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Hawaiian word for David
Guy 1: Why did his parents give him a Hawaiian name?
Guy 2: Because his dad is named David so they decided to name him Kawika
#david #hawaiian #hawaii #name #names
by thecooltodd December 28, 2009
The sexiest, smartest and most athletic possible person on earth. In addition to getting straight A's in everything, he is capable of winning at any sport he's never played in before. Rayfe is incapable of losing or tying at anything. In the unlikely event that two Rayfe's were to face off against each other, both of them would win.
Person #1: "Watch me make this full court shot!"
Person #2: "Who do you think you are? RAYFE!?"

Person #1: "I spent 2 weeks straight studying for this exam and got the second highest grade in the class. The first person got double my score!:
Person #2: "I know that guy! That's Rayfe. He said he went out partying the night before instead of studying."
#rayfe #pro #smart #athletic #genius
by thecooltodd August 09, 2012
Infinite times better than a Ph.D. Short for GeoDegree. A Geo.D, pronounced "gee-ohh-dee", spells GOD. Therefore, similarly to how the title for a person with a Ph.D is Dr., the title for having a Geo.D is God.
Person #1: "Have you met Dr. Dobry before?"
Person #2: "He only has a Ph.D. I've met God Tran before. He has his Geo.D in Electrical Engineering."
#geo #degree #college #phd #god
by thecooltodd August 09, 2012
A Youtube video with significantly more dislikes than likes. This creates a likes/dislikes bar with a short green bar with a longer red bar, resembling a lightsaber with a green handle and red plasma blade.
Person #1: Have you seen that music video Friday?
Person #2: Nope, I don't watch red lightsabers.
#lightsaber #rebecca black #friday #like #dislike #youtube
by thecooltodd November 30, 2012
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