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having a reason to live

good at reaching behind ovens

could easily defeat the whole swedish army
popular song:"Shortpeople got no reason, no reason to live"

Man: "that song is whack shortpeople have a way better

reason to live than those f**cking swedes"

Woman: "yeah i guess your right short people are cool"
by theclap46 July 20, 2009
super pro

way better than the retard o12peasauruso because he is a bk

pro relates to theclap46 because pro defines his name and it is what he lives by

Short people have over 1200000 reasons to live and o12peasauruso has down syndrome GG.
Theclap46 just went superoverclutchmanjaropocalypsburgertacularmanaire all over that bks face
by theclap46 July 20, 2009
being or doing something pro

usually used in accordance with games

rarely occurring in accordance with o12peasauruso

Also see pro
Man:Yo that kid just got a killionaire.

Woman: yeah i think his name is theclap46.

Man: Wow that kid is clutch.
by theclap46 July 20, 2009
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