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Doctors diagnose many teens with "fat man syndrome" because they are injured due to their BMI index that is off the charts. Generally, heel injuries are the most common causing the person to limp like a chodus maximus. Be aware that a person limping might not have "fat man syndrome," but instead chode spasms.
That kid limping looks like an idiot because of his heel; we probably have another case of "fat man syndrome."
by thechodemaster January 13, 2009
(1)When a person calls you a chode and is obviously a much bigger chode.
(2) A disease named after medieval Prince Nicholas Charles Chodimus. Legend states he tried to conquer the Holy Chode in Kazakhstan.
(3) Can be cured with chode poison.

Person 1: You're a chode!
Person 2: Well you're a chodus maximus like Prince Nicholas Charles Chodimus!
by thechodemaster January 08, 2009
Instead of an erection, a chodection occurs when a person with a chode is turned on. This causes his chode to widen rather than lengthen. See chode poison to help prevent this rare yet deadly phenomena in males.
I saw this hot girl, and she gave me a chodection!
by thechodemaster January 09, 2009
a cameltoe except it shows off your chode instead of penis
Dude, he left his legs wide open exposing his chodetoe! He needs to use chode poison!
by thechodemaster January 13, 2009
Rather than a queef, a cheef is a chode fart. It occurs when there is a greater concentration of methane than normal chode gas. A cheef often occurs after fertilization occurs.
Man, that girl gave me such a good BJ last night, I was cheefing for the next hour.
by thechodemaster January 13, 2009

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