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A smart, lovable, gorgeous girl who usually has something on her mind and has a tendency to make a random comment that has absolutely nothing to do with the current conversation. She is full of life and almost always happy. Some girls call her a whore and or slut, but those that do are only jealous. She knows a lot about the Military, Military hardware and firearms, has the ability to compare anything to a piece of Military hardware and hates anyone who talks trash about the Military with a passion. She makes some stupid mistakes but learns from them. She is caring and loving, very sarcastic but not offensive, very sexually active and kinky and good at sex, but is not a slut, is funny when she wants to be, is 1/2 girly-girl and 1/2 tom boy. She will never hurt a friend intentionally, and if she does, she'll feel very bad and will do whatever she can to show she's sorry. She will always stand up for a friend and be there for them, she hates silence and will go out of her way to make sure it isn't quiet. She likes to eat, but remains fit, always looks her best, and knows how to have sexy bed-head hair. She has a circle of very close friends, and hates the feeling of being alone. Maintains that words ending with an "i" or an "ie" when it should be a "y" look better. She is always a shoulder to cry on. If you meet a Kelsi and manage to start dating her, hold on to her as she will make you happy and really care for you.
Guy 1: I met this girl last night, she was super-sexy, caring,
funny and smart, we slept together and the sex was amazing, and we agreed to keep seeing each other! I really love this girl

Guy 2: You have a Kelsi, congrats, hold on to her.
by thecanuckthatisepic July 09, 2011

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