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When you wake up in the middle of the night and your chick (or whoever) is riding your pole without your knowledge or consent. Nice way to wake up but nonetheless that bitch be stealing your nut butter. Damn.
John was always bleary eyed in the morning due to the despicable actions of Rose the dirty spunk thief.
by theburner September 08, 2010
A Riot Hat, quite simply, is an outrageous piece of headwear usually worn at an outdoor music festival. Most commonly worn by 20 something males out their face on drink and drugs.
Niall: The Prodigy are on the main stage right now!.

Chris: Get the riot hats on and lets go fucking mental!!.
by theburner September 08, 2010
A Gentle Giant is when you take a shit so large that it kisses your cheek on the way out.
Iain: "Holy fuck, I'm exhausted. That was a big dump."

James: "Wow, are you ok?."

Iain: "I'll be just fine. It was a Gentle Giant. It left me with a comforting kiss on the cheek when it left me."
by theburner September 06, 2010
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