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An Irish hero featured in many of the celtic legends of Derry. A firey haired, Passionate man, Paul Farrell is reputed to have once laid waste to an entire English Fort because of an insult made to his mother.
English soldier: ' Paul Farrell, your mother and all irish mothers are inferior in maternal instinct to those of mighty england'

Paul: 'because of your insults, on this night i will slay you and your kind.there will be no quater given.'
by thebryanmyster April 22, 2009
mythical Irish figure.
excelled in war, music and womanizing.
'And with that Lonan Jenkins had won the Battle and Freed Ireland from tyranny once again'
by thebryanmyster February 26, 2009
Former Irish Swimming Champion turned underwear Model.
Girl 1- Did You see Michael Walls win the 1oom butterfly?
girl 2- Yes he's an incredible athlete, Dam handsome too.
by thebryanmyster February 28, 2009

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