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when a guy runs up to another guy on the streets and yells JIZZ WAR and jizzes on another guy
Mat: JIZZ WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh: Finally!!!!!
by theboinker August 23, 2009
a red neck waxing is when your so poor ...or stupid and take duck tape and put it on your pubes let it stick there for a couple of hours and then rip it off
dude i just gave myself a red neck waxing and it hurt so bad
by theboinker August 19, 2009
when a gay guy takes a shit in a can then tells his partner that they have 2 eat it
your a fag i bet u and your boyfriend faggot can each other
by theboinker August 19, 2009
when a bunch of straight men get 2 gather and catch a bunch of fags and circle beats them with billy clubs
come on men its time for a fag drag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by theboinker August 23, 2009
u take a piece of kfc chicken jizz on it and shove it in a girls pussy
dude i just kentucky snowstormed your mom
by theboinker August 19, 2009
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