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Bands that MTV pushes on teenagers in the hopes that they can gain some credability. Usually catergorized by wearing too much eye make-up, having funky hair colors, and overall trying to basically look punk. They are pure image and nothing else, and using them to make yourself sound punk really is quite stupid.
Good Charlotte, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Something Corporate, Bowling For Soup, etc.
by theblacksheeprockson August 06, 2005
1. someone who has put their energy and spirit into cheers not to mention hard work and practice.
2. so you know one cheerleader and you think you know us all? that makes you ignorant. But it's ok I can't hear you over Metallica. Maybe you can try to increase your vocabulary to words that have more than four letters instead of throwing around the same immature things: slut, fuck, etc.
some people act bitchy, some act slutty, people aren't all nice and perfect, get over it instead of trying to blame it on the fact that they wear a uniform.
by theblacksheeprockson July 30, 2005

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